Acoustic Ceiling Baffles & Rafts

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles and Rafts are one of the most effective solutions available for improving acoustic comfort, while complimenting the aesthetic of any interior thanks to the wide range of colour and cutting options available.

In addition to being lightweight and rigid, Whisper Baffles and Rafts are quick to install, easy to clean and built to last.

Step 1: Rafts or Baffles?

Ceiling Baffles and Rafts are both effective acoustic treatments not only thanks to the absorbency of our polyester Whisper material, but also thanks to the void created either between vertically-hung panels or between horizontally-hung panels and the ceiling.

Step 2: Select Your Size & Thickness

We recommend using 24mm thick polyester panels to ensure Rafts and Baffles remain nice and strong, while offering the following sizes;

  • Width: up to 2,400mm
  • Height: up to 1,200mm


Note that where panels longer than 2,400mm are required, our supplied hanging kits allow for near-seamless joins.

Step 3: Select Your Colour

Whisper can be supplied in the following range of colours;

Step 4: Select Your Panel Shape & Design

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, Acoustic Ceiling Baffles and Rafts can also incorporate custom shapes and cut-out designs. Our Design Team are on hand to help you create something to perfectly compliment any interior.

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