Float Panels

Float is your perfect agile working buddy - a mobile panel system that glides into place in moments, on demand, anywhere you want it.

Using Whisper panels in conjunction with our Float system, lightweight operable partitions can be made.

Step 1: Select Your Size

Suspended Panels can be made from 12mm or 24mm thick sheets of Whisper, which is made from 100% compressed recycled polyester. Available sizes are as follows;

  • Width: up to 1,200mm
  • Height: up to 2,400mm

Step 2: Select Your Colour

Whisper can be supplied in the following range of colours;

Step 3: Select Your Panel Design

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, Whisper Desktop Screens can also incorporate custom cut-out designs. Our expert Design Team are on hand to help you create something totally unique.

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