Groove Acoustic Wall Panels

Whisper Groove Wall Panels with their geometric designs cut into the face of the polyester material create stunning and interesting acoustic walls.

Panels typically are 2,400mm x 1,200, which means large areas can be quickly clad. Alternatively, the panels can be custom-cut to any shape, and then grooved to produce a bespoke acoustic wall that suits the specifics of the design intent.

Made from 65% recycled plastic bottles (and 100% recyclable) Whisper polyester is environmentally friendly as well as effecient in reducing noise distraction by absorbing unwanted noise. Applying accents of biophilia - moss or preserved foliage - a Whisper Groove wall can be brought to life even more.

Whisper Groove Wall Panels can be supplied in any of the 16 Whisper colours, either in 12mm or 24mm thickness, depending on the acoustic absorption level required.

Bespoke patterns available upon request -  contact one of our team to discuss options.

Step 1: Select Your Size

Whisper Groove Wall Panels are made from 12mm or 24mm thick Whisper panels. Available sizes are as follows:

  • Width: up to 2,400mm
  • Height: up to 1,200mm

Bespoke shapes and sizes (within the parameters stated above) are available too.

Step 2: Select Your Colour

Whisper can be supplied in the following range of colours;

Step 3: Select Your Pattern

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, Whisper Groove Wall Panels can also incorporate custom cut-out designs. Our expert Design Team are on hand to help you create something totally unique.

Contact one of our Design Team to discuss options specific to your requirements.

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