Wall Panels

Made from our 100% recycled polyester Whisper material, Wall Panels provide acoustic comfort by soaking up unwanted noise within a space.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, Whisper Wall Panels compliment any interior thanks to our in-house cutting process which allows for patterns, shapes and branding to be incorporated into your design.

Panels can be bonded directly to a flat surface, or can be supplied with metal fixings which allow the panel to sit away from the surface - thus creating a void to trap sound and further reduce noise distraction.

Step 1: Select Your Size

Whisper Desktop Screens are made from 24mm thick Whisper panels to ensure they stay nice and rigid. Available sizes are as follows;

  • Width: up to 1,200mm
  • Height: up to 2,400mm

Step 2: Select Your Colour

Whisper can be supplied in the following range of colours;

Step 3: Select Your Panel Design

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, Whisper panels can also incorporate custom cut-out designs. Our expert Design Team are on hand to help you create something totally unique.

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