Modular Acoustic Seating

In the offices of today, creating third spaces has never been more important.

Kubos, a modular and acoustic seating system, allows you to create unique arrangements to serve a variety of different purposes – from informal meeting spaces to quiet relaxation areas.

Use as a stand-alone high-back seat for personal privacy, or join together to create a functional and high-performing booth for maximum space flexibility and 3rd-space comfort, Kubos offers quality, flexibility, luxury and style that is a benefit to any workspace.

Each component of the Kubos system can be in a different fabric, enabling a plethora of design options that suit the specifics of your scheme.

Step 1: Select Your Size

Kubos is available as individual seats, or two seats combined with a connecting wall panel to create an "opposite" configuration:

A.  Single-person (individual seat only)
B.  Two-person (individual seat only)
C.  Three-person (individual seat only)
D.  Single-person (double seat, connecting panel and table) 
E.  Two-person (double seat, connecting panel and table)
F.   Three-person (double seat, connecting panel and table)

Step 2: Select Your Fabrics

Kubos can be supplied in the following range of fabrics (click the names to view the range):

Camira Era (Band 1)

Camira Blazer (Band 4)

Camira Xtreme (Band 2)

Camira Synergy (Band 4)

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